So, you are ready to start the business, the turn came now to arrange deliveries of goods from America. It is essential to save the order of delivery of combined freight will help.

Resort to such way of delivery when volumes of freight are small, so, it is entirely expensive and inexpedient to order a freight. For such cases there is an organization of joint deliveries. Combined freight is when the container of transport is loaded by small orders from different suppliers. Thus, leaves to save on delivery as the price per unit of freight leaves significantly lower than if you ordered delivery entirely.

Statistics reports that today about 35% of all freights that deliver from the USA – the national teams. And it is quite natural as delivering goods thus it is possible to deliver as only one small box, and to occupy several tens of pallets with huge boxes. Besides, so you significantly save, combining the term and delivery.

There are standards allowing to calculate whether your freight belongs to assembly. Measure or find out goods dimensions from the supplier. If it becomes clear that it no more than 40-45 meters in size cubic, or occupies 20-25 pallet, then it is your case, beyond all doubt you can order delivery of goods combined freight.

Keep in mind that the American pallet, is a wooden transport container by means of which make transportations, deliveries and collecting delivery. The sizes are it 1200×1000 mm, it can maintain no more than 1500 kg.

It is possible to count cubic meters on a formula of finding of volume of a figure known to us from school: multiply among themselves length, width and height of freight. The received answer – is a reference point, your freight is assembly, or not.

To order delivery by combined freight from the USA – the economic and convenient logistic decision. Especially if deliveries do not occupy large volumes of space.

However together with ease and convenience there are some risks. It is possible that delivery can be stolen, or simply damage or lose because of low-quality fastening. Consider it, choosing the supplier. Choose only reliable partners knowing the business and paying it due attention and readiness to insure your freight. Eventually, prosperity and success of your business will depend on these deliveries.

The choice between combined freight and usual delivery is how to choose, use public transport, or the personal car. In both cases you will reach to the destination, however in the first you will significantly save.

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