Delivery from the USA to Asia

Even in modern difficult conditions delivery from the USA to Asia of various products is demanded activity of the Aero Deluxe company. Despite political tensions between our countries large number of domestic businessmen runs business with the French companies, buying from them the industrial equipment, automobile spare parts and other goods.

The Aero Deluxe company will organize fast and safe transportation of any material objects as as a part of combined freights, and is individual – directly to the customer. Transportations are carried out by heavy-load cars (at multimodal transportations), the ships, by planes, delivery periods depend on it. Our company within rendering this service provides service of full maintenance of the transported property.

Service advantage in “Aero Deluxe” is the possibility of transportation of goods of any weight, beginning from 1 kg.

The client is granted the right to choose type of the vehicle. Our experts will take all necessary steps in order that you in the shortest possible time and without excess efforts received the parcel. For delivery from the USA to the countries of Asia of freights we use only the most effective schemes and the shortest routes. The «Aero-deluxe» company guarantees that transportation will be executed to the term stipulated in the contract.

Maintenance of delivery from the USA to Asia:

Cargo transportation from the USA is a responsible process in which participation of true professionals is required. The personnel of the Aero Deluxe company consist of experts of the top skills. At us experienced logisticians, drivers, workers of the legal sphere work. Existence of wide agency network allows our company to represent the interests of the client in any human settlement of Europe, Asia, the USA, Russia.

The lion’s share of time and efforts at implementation of foreign economic activity is occupied by customs cleaning of goods. Our company has all opportunities for acceleration of this procedure on any border check-point and renders this service within maintenance of freight. Thanks to it delivery from the USA to Asia of goods significantly accelerates, and it passes customs practically without delay.

We carry out transportations to any region of Asia and we bear full liability for safety of objects of transportation. It is an additional guarantee that the parcel will arrive to the recipient in perfect tune. Risks are minimized by means of insurance of freight at serious insurers with excellent reputation. Besides, in the «Aero Deluxe» company the system of monitoring of location of the vehicle with property of the customer works, and our clients are always informed, where exactly at present time there are their freights.

The advantage of our firm consists in the invariance of the price of our services throughout all transportation. To learn cargo transportation cost in your case, fill online inquiry, and in the nearest future we will calculate the cost.

Ways of cargo delivery from the USA to Asia:

The «Aero Deluxe» transport company does not limit customers in the choice of a way of transportation of property, and we carry out delivery from America to Asia of freights in several ways – multimodal, sea and aviation. The last is rather expensive, but expectation term when choosing this way of transportation is minimum.

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