Delivery from the USA to Europe

Transportation of goods and freights from the USA to Europe.

Transportation of goods and freights is carried out constantly both by air, and the sea.

We guarantee:

  • low prices;

  • minimum terms;

  • optimal individual variant of delivery of goods/ freight.

Transportation: methods and directions.

Air transportation:

  • Completion date of 24-48 hours;

  • Low cost on all international airports of Europe;

  • The passenger and cargo flights transporting dangerous and large-size freights.

In addition:

  • Warehouse service in Germany and Finland;

  • Formation of export declaration EX-1;

  • Land transportation across Europe.


  • Cost optimum also depends on terms;

  • Transportation of full-load containers and combined goods / freights from the USA in seaports of Europe.

In addition:

  • Warehouse services, including processing of goods / freights (packing, accumulation, storage, etc.).

Transportation from the USA to Germany is carried out through:

  • Airports of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Basel;

  • Ports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Frankfurt.

Transportation from the USA to the countries of the Baltics is carried out through:

  • Airports of Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga, Warsaw;

  • Ports of Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, Gdynia.

Transportation from the USA to the countries of Scandinavia is carried out through:

  • Airports of Helsinki, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam;

  • Ports of Kotka, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Malmo.

Multimodal transportation across Europe.

Transportation of freights by several means of transport with the conclusion of one contract is carried out through transport hubs of Europe with various variations: the plane of the USA is Europe, Europe-Russia motor transport and others. Under such transportations we provide warehouse services in consolidation of goods / freights in Berlin, Tallinn, Milan and Helsinki. It allows to carry out approximately in 10-15 days transportation at the favorable price.

Delivery of goods and freights in the EU.

The direction of goods and freights from online stores is carried out by parcel posts.

In addition we can redeem goods in shop, to deliver to a warehouse, to pack and direct to the necessary address.

Warehouse service in the USA to the permanent address for you within 30 days free of charge.

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