Delivery from the USA to Ukraine

The Aero Deluxe company will organize transportation of goods and freights from the USA to Ukraine on a regular basis. Considering growth of volume of purchases and commodity turnover between America and Ukraine we offer the following delivery services:

  • Aviatransportation of goods and freights on passenger and cargo aircrafts on urgent or economic flights;

  • Sea transportation of the containers FCL/LCL/Flatrack with additional service of warehouse service;

  • Transportation of cars and other vehicles;

  • Regular sending parcels from America to Ukraine;

  • Services in consolidation, repacking, packing, recalculation of goods, check of goods, that is all complex of warehouse services.

Delivery is carried out to any city of Ukraine.


  • The low prices of aviadelivery from the airport of Kiev and Boryspil;

  • Time of transportation of 2-4 working days;

  • Dangerous goods, cars (electric vehicles) are transported by cargo aircrafts.

Container transportation:

  • The multimodal scheme (the sea transport from the USA delivers to the port of Baltics -> motor transport delivers to Ukraine).

  • Containers for full or partial load.

Parcel posts to Ukraine:

  • The direction of goods / freights (up to 30 kg) from online stores is carried out by parcel posts;

  • In addition we render service of warehouse service in the USA to the permanent address and also packing or repacking and accumulation of parcels.

Warehouse service in the USA to the permanent address for you within 30 days free of charge.​

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