Delivery from the USA

Demand for goods from the USA today quite high. From America carry clothes and footwear, electronics and the equipment, furniture and interior accessories and a lot more useful things for the consumer. Rather low prices and quite good quality of the American goods promoted that, producers buy special equipment, machines and the equipment, production lines here.

Of course, such activity of trade relations requires transport and logistic solutions.

Let’s consider in more detail as delivery of goods from the USA is organized.

Features of freights:

Before selecting a way of delivery of goods, it is necessary to decide on the nature of freight. It is for this purpose important to consider many parameters.

Among them there is a type of freight and its value. What should be transported what weight and volume has goods in packed form as far as it is expensive whether it needs additional packing – all this important to understand even before purchase of goods.

Scoping of freight which needs to be transported in one party will be the following stage. Usually all freights are delivered by containers. Maybe one such container or is required a little. And if the party absolutely small, then such shipment is sent as a part of combined freight.

The route is also important. Sometimes some transport is simply inaccessible for a certain area. Perhaps it is necessary to combine a route and several transport units will participate in delivery and can be a different look.

The crucial role is played by delivery periods and costs of its organization.

Delivery types:

From the USA freight can be received the marine transport, by plane and multimodal transportations.

The air transport is the fastest, and the most expensive. It is possible to send by plane small shipment. Such transport send perishable goods, the expensive equipment, dangerous freights and small valuable freights.

Use of the marine transport is considered the most popular way. The feature of such deliveries is a container packing of all transported goods. A big shortcoming is transportation duration. Delivery can sometimes reach 45 days.

The motor transport
 is often used as the basic across the USA, it is possible to combine it and with other types. The route can be laid where other transport is inaccessible.

Customs clearance:

In parallel with the organization of delivery it is necessary to carry out also customs registration according to the legislation.

Except timely payment of all customs duties it is important to observe compliance of freight of the correct classification to the product range of FTA.

Any freight for fast passing of customs registration has to have the external economic contract, an invoice and the packing list.

Search and work with the supplier

Delivery of freight from the USA is connected also with search of the supplier. Advantage of commodity offers would not be estimated by many businessmen if there was no substantial assistance in search of business partner in the USA. To improve business relations independently quite difficult. Someone does not know language and very few people understand the subtleties of the legislation and the business relations operating in this state.

It is possible to improve the first and subsequent business relations through specialized exhibitions. But also there are risks to get on swindlers or to begin work with the incompetent supplier. That to avoid it, to use our services better as business representative in the USA. Our company renders full range of services for businessmen foreigners. «Aero-deluxe» can find for you goods and the supplier, to discuss terms of the contract and to sign the contract for delivery. We undertake questions of delivery and customs registration.

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