Delivery of parcels

Every year rapid growth of consumer demand for the products manufactured in the USA is around the world observed. It is connected, first of all, with the huge range, high quality of products and to the affordable prices of them. Really, now practically everyone can take advantage of the offer of one or several Chinese online stores and order the goods suitable individual requirements. However it is necessary to remember that delivery of parcels from the USA has the features which are important for considering when choosing the competent transport company which is engaged in providing these services.

Features and possible ways of delivery:

Still rather recently powerful shortcoming was the long time of transportation of parcels – sometimes the ordered goods were necessary to wait for not less than two months. Now there are a lot of qualified service companies considerably simplifying and accelerating process of obtaining the order. Thanks to detailed calculations of all expenses and the choice of an optimum way of delivery, they manage to reduce waiting time and cost of a parcel to a possible minimum.

At the moment several options of transportation of goods from America are known:

Aviation– the fastest and at the same time, the most expensive way. It is relevant for transportation of expensive products or products with a limited expiration date. In general, delivery of goods is carried out about a week, at most – up to 10 days;

Sea – the cheapest of all known vehicles. Is suitable for transportation of big lots of products or combined freights. Time of receiving a parcel – up to 60 days.

The choice of transport depends on the volume and quantity of the transported products and also on the required delivery periods. The avia – transport is more optimum to send small parcels and also expensive goods. Large consignment of goods or the dimensional order needs transportation on the sea vessel.

What the modern delivery services differ in:

Today the procedure of execution of the order is simplified to a minimum. All responsibility on the organization of transportation, preparation of necessary documents, passing of customs control is undertaken by our company. You need to tell only coordinates of our warehouse directly to the seller of goods. Modern services allow to unite (to consolidate) in one parcel orders from various online stores. It is very convenient and favorable economically, there is no need to overpay for each unit of production separately.

Delivery of parcels from the USA
 is very widespread service and enjoys wide popularity around the world and, in particular, in our country. The choice of the AeroDeluxe company serves as guarantee of high-quality service and timely receiving goods. The professional delivery services guarantee safety and integrity of freight when transporting, the affordable prices of the provided services and the fastest performance of terms of the order.

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