Delivery of spare parts

The fact that to buy spare parts on the American car is cheap also high quality, we prove every day already for many years. Being a specialized supplier for auto repair shops, the companies of carriers, and just for ordinary car owners, we completely cover needs of the clients.

The wide range and fast delivery from the USA.

Our recipe of success is quite simple: the huge catalog of auto parts on the American cars, the low prices and fast delivery. More than one million automobile spare parts are constantly stored in warehouses of our partners and in case of the order each detail immediately goes to the buyer. From the order before receiving a parcel by the client usually there pass no more than 7 days at aviadelivery. In case of emergency you can order the express delivery and we will send you goods in 3 days.

Auto parts for any American car:

Our range and possibility of delivery of spare parts is also various, as well as brands of the American cars. Thanks to regular quality control we don’t allow sending spare parts to the client with availability of a manufacturing defect or with mechanical damage, carrying out a complex of warehouse services at the request of the client.

You can check the catalog of auto parts of your supplier or our partners and, having chosen the necessary detail, to move it to the shopping cart. Also, you can call us and make the order for delivery or request of spare parts by phone at our representative.

Calculation of the cost of spare parts according to table XLS
Calculation of the cost of spare parts by number

A little about us:

Our more than 50 partners in the USA in spare parts for car, motor-, special equipment daily make contribution to providing that you have received your items quickly and cheap. And in case of need, that you got competent advice at emergence of questions and problems. Several automobile experts, logistics specialists and also experts in the field of electronic commerce and accounting ensure trouble-free operation of our company and fast terms of implementation of orders.

Our quality standards, our service and timely delivery are rewarded by happy clients who recognized us by the best brand in category of the online order.

In all matters, safety first:

Any person who decided to buy spare parts on a car motor-or special equipment entirely relies upon the dealer. We perfectly understand it. Therefore our company is guided only by quality and works only with the checked producers of auto parts. We deliver to the clients as original spare parts on car, motor-and special equipment, and details which are released at the little-known enterprises. All our suppliers make details at the level of original.

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