Delivery of the equipment

It is necessary to deliver quickly the equipment from the USA? To transport expensive equipment without risk to damage? The “Aero Deluxe” company provides qualitative transportation services of freights. We are in New York, but we deliver freights to the majority of the countries of the world: RussiaUkraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan,  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Afghanistan, all countries of Europe and Asia.

We are focused on transportation of goods, the equipment and are aimed at long-term cooperation with the large companies. For achievement of positive result we integrate the resources which are available for us into the system of merchandising of our partners. The personal manager who is in touch round the clock works with each of our clients and at any time can give necessary consultations.

We build the clear scheme of interaction, considering wishes of the customer and all available nuances. We are ready to react quickly to changes – weather, economic and others, and we are able to adapt to circumstances. We completely are responsible for safety of the freight entrusted us and we carry out monitoring on all way of transportation.

Why we are chosen:

The “AeroDeluxe” company cooperates only with professional delivery drivers who have significant experience in the sphere of cargo transportation of the equipment across the USA.

In vehicle fleet of our company transport of various capacity thanks to what our clients have an opportunity to transport both big, and small volumes of freights, without overpaying for the car, for delivery to us to a warehouse, and then sendings to his client by plane or by sea.

Improving the activity, we constantly implement new methods and approaches always to be the first.

About the prices:

We are glad to submit to our clients the pleasant scheme of pricing differing in flexibility and transparency. Our offers favourably differ from the price policy of other companies cargo carriers.

About pluses:

In comparison with other types of cargo transportation, automobile cargo transportation, in complex with air freight or sea freight, allows to deliver quickly goods precisely to the address, to control a route of multimodal delivery on all its extent and also in advance to plan a way.

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