Delivery of transport

The Aero Deluxe company will organize transportation of any kind of transport from the USA on a regular basis. Considering growth of volume of purchases of motor transport, the motor-equipment, special equipment from America to Ukraine, to Russia, the countries of the Baltics, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan we offer the following services in delivery:​

  • Aviadelivery of transport and the accompanying goods on passenger and cargo aircrafts on urgent or economic flights;

  • Sea transportation of the containers FCL/LCL/Flatrack with additional service of warehouse service;

  • Transportation of cars and other vehicles to our warehouse by the railroad or autodelivery;

  • Regular sending transport from America to all countries;

  • Services in the help in purchase at auctions and preparation of documents;

  • Services in check of transport on integrity, the photo report, correct packing;

  • Services in preparation of transport for sending.

Delivery is carried out to any city of the world.


  • Low prices of aviadelivery;

  • Time of transportation of 2-4 working days.

Container transportation:​

  • The multimodal scheme (the marine transport from the USA delivers to the port of Baltics-> motor transport delivers to finishing point);

  • Containers for full or partial load.

Warehouse service in the USA to the permanent address for you within 30 days free of charge. ​

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