Sea freight from the USA

Transportation by sea – one of the most ancient ways of movement of goods and people which does not lose the relevance to this day. Among all the means of transportation of goods operating in ancient times, only the ships still continue the work.

The main ports for sending the USA:                              

The main ports for receiving loads from the USA: 

Important: the weekly consolidated sendings by a container from New York port Klaipeda!

Some general information:

  • sea transportation occupies more than a half in world goods turnover;

  • transportation of goods by sea and transportation of people — 90% of general percent of international transport;

  • sea transportation of freights from the USA – the best way of transcontinental movement;

  • sea transportation for the bigger number of the states is the main branch of economy which connects them with the rest of the world;

  • cargo delivery and goods on certain territories is possible only thanks to shipping;

  • most the states of the world possess an outlet to the sea and working ports;

  • transportation by sea can be applied to all goods and freights demanding implementation of special requirements for transportation. For these purposes builders and developers of vessels created special transport;

  • the distance at shipping is significantly more, than at other types of transport;

  • about 80% of the international foreign trade relations are provided by cargo transportation by sea.

Types of transport by sea:

  • Internal transportation by sea — implementation of transportations within the country;

  • External transportation by sea — implementation of transportations between the different countries, export and import between the countries.

Transportation pluses by sea:

  • transportation by sea differs considerably in low prime cost, in comparison with other types of transportation;

  • new technologies and developments, present shipbuilding, improvements as regards mechanisms for handling works in port, cause lowering of the final price for transportation by sea. The prices of transportation fell by sea by 9%;

  • the big sizes of modern vessels provide high loading capacity that considerably lowers cost of transportation by sea;

  • other means of transport cannot be compared to vessels on spaciousness of goods and their loading capacity for transportation;

  • if the sizes of the vessel do not give it the chance to moor, new technical solutions allow to unload the transported goods in harbours, or directly on water;

  • special containers onboard provide preservation of goods at the time of transportation;

  • statistically, carriage of goods by sea are other than other types in very small percent of disappearance or damage of goods;

  • transportation of freights by sea – the best and effective way of cargo transfer between other countries and continents.

During crisis the tendency to decrease in transportations of oil by sea was observed. But the need for oil is quite stable and the percent of its transportations by sea constantly grows.

Shipping by sea is the easiest, safest and cheapest way to deliver goods from the United States. Due to the size of sea transport from America, it is possible to transport goods of any type and size, with almost no limit. So, by sea, home appliances, electronics and even cars are delivered to our country. Varieties of shipping There are several varieties of shipping from America. Each view below has its own characteristics:

• Container Shipping. This species is the most popular today. Large groupage cargoes are transported in special metal containers. If oversized cargo is required, smaller containers are used.

• Groupage cargo shipping. This option of transportation by sea is the most profitable. So, the sender of the cargo pays only the place that the goods occupy in the container. This is very beneficial.

• Ro-Ro shipping. They are intended for transportation of bulky and agricultural machinery. This technique is loaded on board the ship on its own. • Ship lots. In this case, the entire vessel is loaded with only one batch of goods, which is then transported to one port of destination.

• Door-to-door service. In this case, the intermediary acts as a freight carrier and is engaged in the delivery of goods from the door of the freight carrier to the door of the consignee’s warehouse. Cooperating with an intermediary company, each client can choose the most convenient type of delivery. It should be noted that not all companies offer such a wide selection of sea freight. It is more common that one company offers 1-2 types of cargo transportation.

The procedure for shipping by sea First of all, it is necessary to develop an optimal route for the cargo. This is done so that the delivery takes as little time as possible. This is done taking into account the wishes of the client-customer, as well as the features and dimensions of the cargo. This is the only way to determine the most optimal option in terms of time and cost. Next, you need to take out insurance for the goods and a package of documents.

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