Transportation insurance

Sending the shipment from America, the customer wants to have reliable guarantees of the fact that during transportation he will be kept and to the destination will be brought safe and sound. Therefore the contract with the company of delivery to safety of freight is made out. This function with all responsibility is performed by the forwarding agent, to his duties belongs to watch freight throughout a transit. But maintenance by the forwarding agent does not give all guarantee of safety of freight yet though on it first of all the fault for damage lays down.

It is better if this responsibility is an insured event. When choosing the suitable company on cargo delivery from the USA, the priority should be given that which gives the chance of insurance. The Aero Deluxe Company can afford it and responsibly treats delivery.

At damage caused to freight, originally the fault lays down on the forwarding agent, and a monetary bill is made out it for compensation of damage. Already then the customer will have an opportunity to find true this damage, guilty of causing. There are cases when the guilty person could not be found, or just there is no such opportunity to charge with damage, then the forwarding agent completely is responsible for its compensation.

The risk of various losses, damages, thefts is always present when transporting freight, this risk also is included into an insured event that for the benefit of the customer on transportation. Having signed the contract of maintenance of freight, the forwarding agent is obliged to keep with the full assumed responsibility freight throughout all transit.

There is one more occasion to insure responsibility of the person accompanying freight. The owner of freight was insured from damage at cargo delivery, safely received compensation according to the contract of insurance, but it does not suit the insuring company, and then it tries to compensate the losses from payment of a sum of money for an insured event, having charged with it to the forwarding agent, having made out a bill for the amount of damage to it.

The lawsuit in the course of this trial can stretch for very long time, sometimes even for years. Exactly here and it is possible to protect insurance of responsibility of the forwarding agent. Having providently signed this contract, the person accompanying freights will be able to win trial, having prevented payment of damage, than will be able to save itself from material losses.

In the code of laws there are changes allowing the person forwarding freights to attract the third parties when performing contractual conditions. The special difficulty of work of the follower of freight transportation in Russia consists that on him unlimited responsibility lies. In other countries the code of laws allows to limit this responsibility, protecting thereby the rights of the people forwarding cargo transportation.

Cases when because of the carrier of freights there is a damage or loss are frequent. It is possible to prove it, but with great difficulties. Because the accompanying person signs the contract for forwarding of freight with the shipper, and contracts with carrier of freight are practically not signed. The forwarding agent only a link in this chain on which responsibility lays down. It is possible to express it and so — the carrier will cause damage, and to answer accompanying. Besides, on the way still the array of problems which directly do not depend on the supplier meets.

The skilled forwarding agent of freight transportation always signs the insurance contract of responsibility with the company delivering freight. But also it not always gives guarantees that in case of damage because of the supplier will not transfer all fault to the forwarding agent.

Also the fact that freight will be lost completely if by fraud the carrier disappears together with freight can constitute considerable danger. Then to impute fault there will be nobody. Therefore the person forwarding freights should hope only for the opportunities and forces, and, above all, to providently sign the contract of insurance of responsibility.

There are also unforeseen situations: the armed attacks, disasters caused by elements of the nature. When causing the related damage the person accompanying freight transportation does not receive compensation according to insurance of responsibility. But the cost of damage is paid to the affected person, namely the customer of transportation. And also it is possible to compensate also services of transportation if to show the companies, the providing service of insurance the contract of transportation, documentary proofs of the fact of the transportation.

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